What is Hikefull?

Hikefull is the most comprehensive online resource dedicated to the meals and brands that fuel outdoor adventures. 

As avid backpackers and hikers, we know that food is an essential part of any extended wilderness experience and feel it deserves its own showcase online. This website exists at the crossroads between food and outdoor exploration, and is a celebration of both.

Our hope is that Hikefull serves as a useful go-to informational resource to those venturing out.  With that in mind, we strive to offer the most complete database of backpacking, hiking, and adventure meals from brands both large and small.

We want to make sure our readers stay full and happy.  Our motto is Hike Often and Hikefull.


About Our Reviews

Integrity means everything.  Therefore we adhere to a number of principles in our review process including the following:

Panel Review Format  Every meal that we review is tested by at least two of our reviewers.  We realize that taste is subjective so having multiple perspectives contributes to a well-rounded consensus and a discussion around every meal.

Revied in the Field  Backpacking meals are meant to be enjoyed outside.  We all know that fresh air and open skies are all part of the experience of enjoying a meal on the trail.  Therefore, every meal that we review is preparred and enjoyed outside. No indoor kitchens.  No table and chairs.  No compromises.

Independent Reviews  All of the meals we review are purchased with our own funds.  We do not accept free samples as part of our review process.


Who is Hikefull

Foremost, we are a handful of hikers and friends who are passionate about the trail experience.  This project is a grassroots, self-started, independent passion project that emerged, like so many crazy ideas, from deep in the woods during a weekend backpacking trip. 

Hikefull is managed by Mike and Bre Renner, an outdoor enthusiast duo based near the Monogahela National Forest in West Virgnia.  Together they collaborate with other hikers and adventurers from across the country.