Alpine Aire Vaquero Scramble Review

by | May 18, 2023

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Key Features

Serving Size: 100 grams

Calories Per Serving: 480

Recommneded Soak Time: 10-12 minutes

Retail Price: $8.60/Single Serving | $15.50/Double Serving


What We Liked

  • Agreeable flavor and consistenancy.
  • Good balance of ingredients

What We Didn't Like

  • No discernabel cheese flavor
  • Lingering aftertaste


Review Location:  North Mountain Trail, Virginia – Elevation 3400′


Mike: If I closed my eyes and believed really hard, this has the semblance of a fresh breakfast scramble. 

Bre: Yeah, the flavors ring true. The first thing I tasted was pronounced sweetness.  Maybe  from the sweet peppers and carrots or possibly the “sweet whey” ingredient, whatever that is.

Mike: Yes, heavy on the peppers and carrots. I also  tasted lots of chives and, yes, a subtle sweetness.  I didn’t  taste any cheese. 

Bre: I was looking forward to cheese, but the cheese powder must have simply been absorbed.  The ingredients though are nicely distinguishable. The vegetables punctuate this dish and stand out against the less pronounced flavor of the eggs and potatoes.


Bre: For all that is going on here, the textures remain intact with clearly distinquishable eggs, potatoes, and vegetables. However, as is often the case,  the texture of the potatoes was a little mealy.

Mike: If I had to describe the texture of the dish in its entirety, its like the filling from a breakfast burrito presented as a breakfast.  I would agree with the potatoes, they are a little mealy.  The taters are mealy little nibs while the eggs, rather than being chunks, are more in small specks.


In two separate tests, our testers felt the dish could have benefited from less water. The meal needs just enough water for it to absorb the ingredients. Anymore and it will become soupy. Go light on the water, hydrate, and then add more as needed.



Bre: I was moderately hungry when trying the Vaquero Scramble dish. The dish is filling, but, for me, left a heavy feeling in the stomach that lasts the rest of the day and through the night. The satiation level is high and I was not hungry for dinner. In fact, I skipped dinner all together as my stomach felt like a cement mixer. 

Mike: I ate this as a dinner after a big day on the Triple Crown Loop of Virginia.  It hit the spot, was filling, and seemed easy to digest. I didn’t have the cement mixer problem.  However, it did leave a lingering aftertaste that was hard to vanquish.  

Bre: I know the sodium content of this meal isn’t excessive, but I did feel salted out from the dish after eating. Some flavor component lingered long after I finished the dish.I would eat this dish only if I needed higher levels of sodium and satiation after a day of exertion. The flavors are agreeable, but on the salty side.

Mike: Overall, this was okay.  I would eat it again, but it may not be in my starting lineup. 




We concluded this meal would benefit greatly from some mix-ins including hot sauce and/fresh cheese.  Serving it alongside a tortilla or two would really bring it all together.


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