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Durango-based couple Jane and Louise Barden have embarked on a culinary adventure with the founding of Farm to Summit in 2021. Their shared passion for farm fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and sustainable practices led them to create a brand that aims to transform the way we eat in the backcountry while addressing the broken links in our food system. Farm to Summit represents their vision for a viable future of food, embracing sustainable consumption in the great outdoors.

Jane, hailing from a third-generation farm in Michigan, witnessed firsthand the flaws in our food system. The abundance of imperfect produce often went to waste, with unharvested vegetables and loads of flawed produce discarded. With a background in business and finance, as well as extensive experience in sales, marketing, and the fine dining industry, Jane combines her knowledge of sustainable agriculture and her culinary expertise to bring quality food to the table.
Louise, an ecologist with a master’s degree in Ecology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, has spent years working in remote wilderness areas around the world. Her deep-rooted appreciation for fresh foods and food culture, nurtured during her upbringing in Georgia, drives her commitment to conservation and sustainable practices. Drawing from her experiences backpacking in remote locations, Louise was inspired to create lightweight, instant cooking meals that are bursting with flavor, nutritionally balanced, and environmentally friendly.

Mission, Sustainability, and Impact

Farm to Summit’s mission extends beyond creating delicious meals. The company sources its produce from local farms, prioritizing the use of “seconds” that might otherwise go to waste. By doing so, they not only support small-scale farmers but also reduce food waste and environmental impact. Their commitment to sustainability is further exemplified by their packaging, which is entirely Omnidegradable┬« or compostable. Leaving no trace is not just a principle for outdoor adventures but also a core value embedded in their business practices.

As part of their dedication to making a positive impact, Farm to Summit gives back 2% of their annual proceeds to non-profit organizations working to combat food insecurity in the four-corners region. By supporting these initiatives, Farm to Summit contributes to building a more resilient and equitable food system for all.

Farm to Summit’s dehydrated meals offer a farm fresh experience with vibrant flavors that satisfy without weighing heavy on the gut. With a focus on nutrition and taste, their meals provide the fuel needed for outdoor enthusiasts to embark on epic adventures while enjoying the comforts of home-cooked food. Whether you’re backpacking through rugged terrain or seeking convenient and shelf-stable meals for travel or busy days, Farm to Summit offers a compelling option that combines quality, sustainability, and flavor.

Jane and Louise’s passion for adventure, farm fresh ingredients, and sustainable practices shine through in every aspect of Farm to Summit. Through their innovative approach to backcountry meals, they are redefining the possibilities for enjoying delicious, wholesome food while minimizing our impact on the environment. With Farm to Summit, the trail to a sustainable and flavorful culinary journey begins.

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