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Keto-friendly Backpacking Meals

Next Mile Meals was born out of the founder Jessie’s personal quest to find keto-friendly meals for her Pacific Crest Trail hike in 2017. Determined to combine her love for the outdoors and the ketogenic diet, she designed and created meals that would meet her nutritional needs while providing exceptional taste. After receiving positive feedback from fellow hikers, Jessie realized she had something special on her hands. Next Mile Meals was founded with the mission to offer the best backpacking and camping food available.

According to the company website, these meals have passed the ultimate taste test, which they describe as:

Could you eat the same six dinners, day after day, week after week, for five months?

Quality and Differentiation:

What sets Next Mile Meals apart is their unwavering commitment to quality. While many conventional meal manufacturers rely on cheap carb fillers, Next Mile Meals uses only the highest-quality meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Their ingredients may cost more, but they provide better taste, nutrition, and value. Additionally, Next Mile Meals offers the flexibility for carb-eating customers to add their own rice or ramen, further lowering the cost per serving without compromising on quality.

Connection and Customer Focus:

Next Mile Meals is a small family-run business based in Oregon, USA. They pride themselves on maintaining a personal connection with their customers. The founder reads nearly every email and review, taking customer feedback seriously. In an era where customer relationships are often overlooked, Next Mile Meals values the connection with those who support them, ensuring that they can continue to provide exceptional products and support to their customers.

Made by Backpackers, for Backpackers:

Next Mile Meals understands the unique needs of outdoor enthusiasts because they have experienced it firsthand. The freeze-dried recipes and healthy backpacking meals are designed by backpackers themselves. Next Mile Meals was initially developed to tackle the challenges of the 2600+ mile Pacific Crest Trail, where the conventional hiker diet of carbs and candy didn’t align with their nutritional goals. These meals are game changers, carefully crafted to provide sustenance and flavor during demanding outdoor adventures.

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