Good To-Go Thai Curry Review

by | Feb 5, 2023

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Key Features

Serving Size: 95 grams

Calories Per Serving: 380

Recommneded Soak Time: 20 minutes

Retail Price: $8.60/Single Serving | $15.50/Double Serving


What We Liked

The Good To-Go Thai Curry offers a craveable flavor experience. Uncompromising level of heat that we found to be warming but not overbearing.  Ingredients retained their integrity.


What We Didn't Like

The heat may be too much for some. The fish sauce flavor is pronounced which may rattle some tasters.

Warning: If you share meals with your partner and like to pass this meal every few bites, be prepared for a possibly contentious meal as it is hard to stop eating once you start. You may find yourself watching them closely ensure they don’t take more than their share. : )

Good To-Go Thai Curry Review

Review Location(s): Monument Creek CG, Grand Canyon NP, AZ (3200′)| Sabinoso Wilderness, NM (5300′)


MIKE: The first bite is a “whoa” moment, with an almost alarming concert of flavors. To my sense of taste, which has been lethargic after a day of bland trail bars, the flavors from this first bite are revelatory, even endorphin inducing. The first thing I taste is fish sauce, followed by a lip tingling heat.  However, this is all soon balanced out by all the other wonderful things happening in this bag.  The ginger, tamarind, coconut, and lemongrass all contribute to a balanced, warm, spicy, and bright medley of flavors.  Nothing one-dimensional about this, but a nuanced and pleasing blend of complimentary flavors.  I want to eat more.

CHAD: Yes, a “whoa” factor here for sure. Upon opening the bag, I am hit with a rich savory aroma of curry and spices. The first bite doesn’t disappoint and I am shocked at the complexity of the flavors. The savory and spiciness is well balanced with the subtle sweetness of coconut milk. This is better than many restaurant Thai Curry I have had over the years. The flavor is on point and the spiciness is at a perfect level. Definitely a meal you can look forward to after a long day of hiking.

MIKE: As indicated by other online reviews, the spice might be too much for some tasters.  However, I found the spice, while bold and uncompromising, is more of a warming spice rather than a stinging spice. On a cold evening in the wilds, its just the right amount of spice. Further, the initial tingle tapers into the warming notes of ginger and is finally overtaken by the sweetness of the tamarind and coconut contributing to the meal’s rounded and full flavor experience.

Good To-Go Thai Curry package leaning against large boulder with backpacking stove and cookware nearby


CHAD: We were in the Sabinoso Wilderness in New Mexico when we made this. The elevation was approximately 5300ft and we cooked the curry to the exact specifications listed. All ingredients rehydrated well with the exception of a few peas. This was minor overall and if you have had any dehydrated meals you are familiar with a stray crunch or two. That said the texture of the rice and other vegetables was very good overall. I would add 3-5 minutes of cook time if your around 5000ft and adjust accordingly for higher elevations.

MIKE: Like many of Good To-Go’s offerings, the integrity of the ingredients holds up very well.  The rice is fluffy and upholds its texture.  No mushy rice here.  It’s also well rehydrated after the suggested soaking time.  The peas and the green beans hold up well and are distinguishable in every spoonful.


As mentioned earlier, this is a meal that satisfies. The taste, texture, and warmth from the spice make this a very good choice for an end of the day meal. Not that you couldn’t have this for lunch but when that hunger starts to peak in the last few miles of your day I like to start day dreaming about the meals I want to eat. This is a meal where my dreams come true and I am able to stuff my face and relax at camp. It is especially satisfying on those cool evenings when the temperature and exertion levels continue to drop.

MIKE:  I would have to agree with everything you said Chad.  The thought and anticipation of this meal could be fuel for the end of day slog.  This is one of the rare dehydrated meals that one might particularily look forward to.  For that alone, it has a high level of satiation or satisfaction. Crucially, there is enough substance here to also make you feel physically full, but not in a weighted down or heavy way.  It sits well.

A person eating from an open package of Good To-Go Thai Curry


CHAD: This is a meal the definitely stands on its own but if you are a bit fancy you can
definitely elevate this one. Something that takes little to no weight and space is some
fresh herbs like basil or cilantro. Also, if you want some added protein to satisfy your
inner carnivore try adding a pouch of chicken.


Final Verdict: Recommended

Mike:  This meal just really checks all the boxes for me and is a contender for starting line-up in my pack on nearly any trip.  Highly recommended.

Chad: Whether eating it at a restaurant or on the side of a mountain, we would be happy paying for this meal. I would use this as a reward for a harder hiking day so I knew I had a great meal waiting for me.


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