Mountain House Biscuits & Gravy Review

by | Jul 10, 2024

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Following up on another classic Mountain House backcountry meal review, team Hikefull had the opportunity to rip open a bag of what many consider a legendary trailside menu item – Mountain House Biscuits & gravy.  Biscuits and gravy, as a food, has garnered an almost cult-like following, and for good reason.  Biscuits and gravy exists as a familiar and indulgent savory breakfast staple, one of those simple combinations of food – fluffy buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy – that when combined achieve a delicious synergy far outweighing their parts.

The Mountain House take on this beloved meal is ubiquitous with dehydrated meals and earns a spot on Mountain House’s “Classic” roster.  We had a chance to try this out during ideal conditions – a chilly and foggy morning along an Appalachian river during a recent bikepacking trip on the Greenbrier River Trail.  So, was Mountain House’s Biscuits & Gravy a real classic or just a stale biscuit?

Mountain House Biscuits & Gravy Key Features

Serving Size: 124 grams

Calories Per Serving: 560

Servings Per Container: 2

Macros Per Container: Carbs: 73g | Fat: 20g | Protein: 22g

Recommended Soak Time: 9 minutes total

Retail Price: $8.99 at time of publishing


What We Liked

  • Classic Biscuits & Gravy taste
  • Excellent texture
  • Great value

What We Didn't Like

– Biscuits remained crunchy in the center
– One tester noted the taste as being bland for the amount of sodium within

 HIKEFULL Mountain House Biscuits & Gravy Review


First impressions/Flavor

MIKE: First of all, it must be stated, that on a puffy-coat morning under a fog bank along the river, this bag of food is glorious.  It doesn’t necessarily matter how it tastes, only that it is hot and filling.

BRE: Right. Regardless of how it tastes, it hits the spot. That said, how does it taste?

MIKE: Overall, it’s a winner in the taste category.  There is no confusion here – I am eating B&G.  To dig in though, my first impression is “powdered milk”.  The dairy flavor is really coming through in the gravy.

BRE:  I agree.  This is delicious.  However, for the sodium level, it is actually kind of bland.  I’m tasting a little bit of thyme but I’m wanting more.  The gravy is a little one-dimensional. I would call it “gravy” flavored gravy.

MIKE: That’s funny. Yeah, it’s agreeable but at the risk of being undistinguished.  I prefer a distinguished gravy. I wouldn’t mind a little pepper kick. I’m not really picking up any of the listed such as Sage, White Pepper, Ginger, Thyme, Sunflower Oil, Nutmeg

BRE: Me neither. However, it seems like the flavor here is in the sausage itself, which accents the creaminess of the gravy.  Overall, I think the flavor is here, it’s just a milder take on B&G.

MIKE: I would agree to that.  This is not the “artisan” interpretation of a time honored standard, but more the “cafeteria” version. 

BRE: Sometimes that cafeteria version is just what I am after.




MIKE:  I like how the biscuits are pre-crumbled to facilitate rehydration, unlike a few other company’s offerings.  With that said, the biscuits, even after 10 minutes soaking are still a little crunchy on the inside, which I can’t decide is a good or bad thing.  I kind of like having some textural variety.

BRE: The biscuits are convincing to me, as is the sausage.  The textures here all pass the authenticity test.  The gravy especially is spot on – very rich and creamy.

MIKE: Overall, the texture comes together for me.  On the spoon, this is the genuine article.  I’m in the woods on a cold morning enjoying Biscuits and Gravy.  Life is good.


Final Verdict: Recommended

Biscuits and Gravy have always been fond to my heart.  With that said, it’s easy to be critical of any attempt at a simple classic.  All fussiness aside, Mountain House delivers a hearty, delicious, and consistent take on the dish.  What you get here is a warm and filling take on a classic comfort food that is great for breakfast or any time of day.

Overall, Mountain House Biscuits and Gravy deserves to be a staple in your backcountry kitchen.  We certainly consider it a “classic” and it receives our full recommendation


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