Peak Refuel Chicken Pesto Pasta Review

by | May 21, 2023

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Peak Refuel Chicken Pesto Pasta Key Features

Serving Size: 81 grams

Calories Per Serving: 460

Servings Per Container: 2

Recommneded Soak Time: 10 minutes

Retail Price: $8.60/Single Serving | $15.50/Double Serving


What We Liked

  • Rich and creamy sauce
  • Generous amounts of chicken
  • Savory and well-flavored
  • Convincing textures all around

What We Didn't Like


HIKEFULL Peak Refuel Chicken Pesto Pasta Review

Review Location:  Appalachian Trail, Virginia – Elevation 3400′

Initial Impression

Mike: Buttery. Savory. Delicious.

Bre: Agreed. I would also add the word velvety.

Mike: This seems extravagant in the best possible way.

Bre: Yeah, this is not far off from a fresh bowl of pasta in terms of flavor and texture.


Mike: Again, this is absolutely delicious. It has savory, unctuous chicken and butter taste. The basil and garlic in the pesto add some brightness.

Bre: The flavors are all balanced here. The cream, parmesan, and chicken all amount to a decadence that feels like a luxury on the trail. Also, the dish is not too salty tasting.



Bre: The sauce is very silky. There is the right amount of sauce to the proportion of noodles. The real standout for me here is the Ziti noodles, which are perfectly el-dente and really soak up the sauce well. There is a liberal amount of the chicken here and, like the noodles, it has a perfect texture. It tastes like chicken!

Mike: I agree. Both the chicken and the sauce are spot on. No confusion here – I’m eating pasta and chicken. Everything holds up incredibly well.


Bre: I would buy this meal again. I was impressed with the depth and richness of the flavor. I normally don’t like primavera, which can be bland, but this meal impressed me with the depth and richness of the flavor. 

Mike: I would not hesitate to buy and eat this again.  This falls into the rare category of instant meal I would not only eat on the trail, but at my own dining table.  With that in mind, The Peak Refuel Chicken Pesto Pasta feels like an incredible value to enjoy such a luxurious pasta in the middle of the woods.


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