Blueberry Peach Crisp

Manufacturer’s Description:

Inspired by traditional blueberry peach crisp recipes from the south, ours captures the sweet blueberries and juicy peaches that makes this a delicious dessert staple. The buttery, crisp finish with a hint of cinnamon will remind you of home. A packable, freeze-dried camping dessert for at home, around the campfire, or back at the cabin.


Granola (Whole Grain Oats, Butter, Brown Sugar, Coconut, Almonds, Salt), Whole Grain Oats, Blueberries, Organic Cane Sugar, Peaches, Brown Sugar, Arrowroot Powder, Lemon Juice Powder, Ground Saigon Cinnamon, Sea Salt.

Additional information

Package Size

130 grams

Serving Size

130 grams

Calories per 100g


Fat per 100g

10 grams

Carbs per 100g

60 grams

Protein per 100g

8 grams

Sodium per 100g

124 milligrams

Sodium Level


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