Grilled Chicken Pad Thai

Manufacturer’s Description:

Thin noodles and chicken with vegetables in a spicy creamy peanut sauce with ginger and lime.


pasta ribbons (ground durum wheat semolina, water, salt), honey powder (honey, corn maltodextrin), freeze-dried grilled chicken (chicken breast with rib meat, salt, potato starch, onion and garlic powder, spices), soy sauce [(wheat soybeans, salt) maltodextrin, salt], red and green bell pepper combo, potato starch, coconut milk, peanut flour (peanut flour, defatted peanut flour, peanuts, roasted peanuts, roasted peanut flour, defatted peanuts), chopped white onion, granulated garlic, mushroom slices, molasses powder (molasses, corn maltodextrin), minced garlic, ginger, roasted white sesame seed, shallots, granulated white onion, sea salt, cilantro, Monterey chili powder (chili pepper, spices, salt, garlic), crystallized lime (citric acid, lime oil, lime juice), crushed red pepper, green onion, green chile pepper, natural flavor (baker’s yeast extract, salt, canola oil).

Additional information

Package Size

168 grams

Serving Size

168 grams

Calories per 100g


Fat per 100g

6 grams

Carbs per 100g

65 grams

Protein per 100g

18 grams

Sodium per 100g

1071 grams

Sodium Level


Dietary Features

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