Sweet Potato Mash (Serves 2)

Manufacturer’s Description:

One of our bestsellers! Just that little something extra you need after a long day. Our freeze dried sweet potato mash combines all the flavors you love – cinnamon, clove, real Vermont maple syrup – in a portion that fills you up or is shareable!

Eat this as a side dish, combine with another full sized entrée for an extra filling meal, or use as a base for your DIY ready to eat meals. (Flavor profile is similar to that of pumpkin pie.)

Add 8oz of boiling water to rehydrate for a thicker mash or 10oz for a thinner mash.


Sweet Potato, Maple Syrup, Salt, Cinnamon, Cloves

Additional information

Package Size

110 grams

Serving Size

55 grams

Calories per 100g


Fat per 100g

0 grams

Carbs per 100g

105 grams

Protein per 100g

7 grams

Sodium per 100g

1127 milligrams

Sodium Level


Dietary Features


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